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Superman suffers from accumulating too much FAT - Financial Additional Toxic. Join this workshop to learn all about choosing the appropriate protection without over-paying for insurance


Being young and enthusiastic, Spiderman have a hard time controlling his budget. Join this workshop if you are facing the same trouble as him, learn all about budgeting and income allocation


Before he became a genius, billionaire, p̶l̶a̶y̶b̶o̶y̶, philanthropist, Ironman is constantly learning. Join this workshop if you are looking to improve on your investment skills and grow your wealth just like him


This woman is wondering what to do with her legacy. Learn about Wills and Trust to make sure you can pass on your inheritance effectively to your love ones


Batman lost all his inheritance and to sustain his lifestyle, he became Debtman. Join this workshop if you would like to learn how to control your liability and pay the least interest on your housing loan

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Member's Workshop for 2020

Jan 18th, 2020 - 5 Truths Of Savings/Endowment Plan That Agents Will Not Inform You

It is common for life insurance agents to promote savings plan to the public as viable vehicle to fund one’s lifestyle after retirement. Occasionally, the savings plans are often branded as ‘retirement funds’. So, would you ‘invest’ your money into a savings plan?

This workshop will let you

– Discover the differences in return rates
– How agents mislead clients with their ‘flawless’ presentation
– How to dissect information in a quotation of a savings plan
– How to calculate the actual effective rate of return of a savings plan

Feb 15th, 2020 - How To Get Medical Coverage When You Are Deem Uninsurable?

Recently cases of one receiving either a ‘conditional acceptance’ or ‘rejection’ from life insurers are increasingly common in Malaysia. This could be due to an increase in health issues arising from multiple unhealthy lifestyle habits among Malaysians.

Let us assume, you are one of the recipients above and felt disappointed about it, the question is: ‘Are there any more options for me apart from queuing up at the government hospital if I wish to enjoy low or negligible medical fees?’

We would discuss:

– Do you really NEED a Medical Insurance?
– How to IMPROVE your chances of receiving an ‘Approval’ by life insurers?
– OPTIONS available to you If your case is REJECTED by life insurers?
– Insurance BENEFITS that your employers are offering to you today.
– DIFFERENCES between Personal Insurance & Corporate Insurance Policies.

Mar 14th, 2020 - 5 Case Studies On How Trust Planning Can Safeguard The Benefits Of Your Loved Ones

This training will be beneficial if you are any of the following group:

– business owners
– property investors
– rich families
– parents with young children
– single/divorced parents

We will go through five different case studies to show you how to plan for the above different situations.

Apr 18th, 2020 - 9 Important Diagrams In Personal Finance & Money That You Should Focus On

What do accounting, finance and investment have in common with each other?

The answer: It involves a lot of maths (one of it, of course).

This workshop will we be discussing on

– What Most People Get Wrong about Being ‘Rich’?
– How to Become Rich Steadily?
– How Some People Remain Poor Despite Earning a Lot of Money?
– Why You May Have Less Spending Money than You Think?
– What does Rich / Poor Truly Mean? and Many More …

May 9th, 2020 - Top 5 Financial Ratios You Need To Know To Achieve Financial Freedom

– The Top 5 Financial Ratios to Achieve Financial Freedom
– Key Focus Areas to Work on to Improve Your Financial Life.
– How to Optimise Your Financial Resources to Build Long-Lasting Wealth?
– How to Avoid being Under-Geared and Overly-Leveraged?
– Live Discussion. FAQs. and many more …

Jun 20th, 2020 - Changes To Investment Linked Policies and How it Impacts You As A Policyholder

– Traditional Policy vs Investment Linked Policy: Which one is suitable for you?
– The Mechanism of Investment-Linked Policies.
– Minimum Allocation Ratio (MAR): What is it and how it affects your policy?
– Latest announcements from BNM in regards to MAR and Balanced Scorecard.
– The Future Outlook of the Life Insurance Industry in Malaysia

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are experienced in their respective field. They are also NOT representing any financial institutions, thus all workshops and contents are unbiased.

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All our workshops are live recorded. Join the workshop at your convenience. You may also ask a question over the internet and our trainer will answer your question live!



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