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Our Mission

We are a team of young individuals with deep experience in the financial industry and we are on a mission to rethink the way people make financial decision. We provide financial literacy courses, both online and offline, to teach our generation to plan their own money.

Online Equipments

Just like equipment in the gym, our equipment will train your financial muscles!


Take a holistic approach when it comes to managing money. Learn everything about money with us.

Real Experts

Engage licensed financial planners to give you expert guidance. Unlike sales representatives, a licensed financial planners will provide unbiased solutions that will meet your needs.

Training Modules

Simple, straight-forward and effective learning

Planning your finance is a lot like working out in the gym. To be financially fit, you will be working hard, but you will never be alone. We will provide guidance and break down complicated financial jargon for you.

Core Training

Insurance is your core. No matter how good you are in investments, you need to manage your risk.


The key in TaiChi is the flow of energy. The key in Finance is the flow of assets. Create your legacy with your hard earned money.

Cardio Sessions

Cardio means stamina, stamina means long-run. Learn how to plan your money to run the marathon of life.

Muscle Building

Start building your investment portfolio. Show of your muscles!

Our Team

Chris Tan


Our Partner Licensed Advisors

Council of Eminent Persons

What they say

"This M’sian Gym Doesn't Help You Get Fit, But Makes Your Bank Account Fatter"

Vulcan Post

“FinC 用户可以通用更加简化和平易近人的方式获得培训计划的指导”

Money Compass 精明理财

"After the workshop, I have clarity on where am I standing regarding my personal finances and how I can progress further."

Jason Ong

"FinC adalah salah satu platform yang terbaik untuk kita mempunyai perancangan dalam kewangan."

Salehein Kornain

"a very good platform to provide non-biased opinion on personal finance."

Ananais Ho

"Easy one-stop solution, especially for millennial."

Angie Lim


We’re always open to new ideas and potential partnerships to provide a better and more transparent financial education. If we share the same vision, drop us a message to keep in touch!


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