1 Convertible Open 98 Oldsmobile 1959 SunStar 18 フィギュア ラジコン 模型 おもちゃ Metallic Mist Bronze-その他


メーカー名: SunStar
The Oldsmobile 98 was the top-of-the-line model for the company, first appearing in 1940 and lasting until 1996. The 1959 version of the 98 used the Rocket V8 engine of 394 cu in making it of notable performance. This is the 1/18 Bronze Mist Metallic version of the 1959 Oldsmobile 98 - a fine diecast model produced by SunStar.SunStar is a leading manufacturer of high quality diecast model cars. The creators are true enthusiasts which means they are capable of designing the most faithful models with accurate color codes and periodically correct engines, interiors and accessories. If you're looking for an extremely detailed model, SunStar is the brand to go for.- Opening front doors with fully detailed panels- Opening boot complete with detailed spare wheel and patterned matting- Opening hood with completely detailed engine- Highly detailed and functional bonnet hinges- Positional and individually sprung windscreen wipers- Positional Sun Visors- Fully detailed Cockpit and dashboard- Folding forward individual front seats- Operational steering- Correct type tread pattern- Fully detailed chassis- Detailed independent front and rear spring suspension-高品質ダイキャスト製
Primary Category: Oldsmobile
Scale: 1/18
Car Brand: Oldsmobile
Year: 1959
Diecast Manufacturer: SunStar
Type: Convertible
Color: Bronze, Metallic

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